Hello we are rockabox

We make video content count

through our innovative technology and distribution platform

Why video?

Video is the most immersive and emotive storytelling medium that brands have at their disposal. These days it is more visible in search engines too, which is why it continues to explode across all digital and mobile channels.

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Why we are here

One of the great things about advances in technology is that just about anyone can create and publish video content.

But making it really effective is a different matter. We think content like this could and should work harder than it is now.

We are on a mission to create a new digital landscape where video content is more powerful, immersive and effective than ever. Where it is delivered in compelling and massively engaging ways, to the right people, on premium sites and across any device. That way everyone will benefit, whether you are a brand, publisher, media owner or agency.

We have developed the products that can make this happen.

How we are different

Rockabox is a totally new breed of company

We use our own unique technology to serve and distribute video content on any digital device in new and innovative ways.

We distribute across the highest quality premium environments and offer our clients full transparency.

We have an experienced and award winning team of in-house developers, writers and content producers.

We can offer you a full-service solution if you need it, helping you plan, concept, create, produce and distribute content-based campaigns.